Friday, December 19, 2008

New Year's Resolution?

Post more! hahahaha
Things have been wonderful down here in Kensington! Since the last post, we plowed through Thanksgiving with only minor bumps and bruises! I was blessed to have been able to work the meal that day, as Maitre'd and then have dinner with the Team. It was a very special dinner with lots of fun and laughs!
As soon as we finished cleaning up from Thanksgiving dinner, it seemed like we were getting the Christmas tree out and plunging into the annual kids' Christmas party! Nazareth Academy again sponsored the party, joined this year by Father Judge High School for Boys! We had TONS of volunteers and 13 children! Overall the party went splendidly and we celebrated after with a mystery ride to Washington DC with Fr. Michael!
This time, the FVMs hosted the mystery ride, bringing him to El Tamarindo, a Salvadorian restaurant just outside of DC. We met up with an FVM alum who actually graduated from Saint Anselm College in 2000, accompanied by her husband (another SAC alum) and their son, who is 4 months old! After dinner, we blindfolded Michael and drove to the Verizon Center in Chinatown. He walked across the street, into the arena, and up to his seat completely blindfolded and it wasn't until the event was introduced did he find out that we took him to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra! We all had a really great time and got back super late!
This past week we all wrestled with various forms of a stomach bug that has taken down more than half of the Team here! Luckily it's only a 24-hour thing so we bounced back pretty quickly.
As I write, I am killing time before we head to the Saint Francis Inn Team Christmas Party!!! We hold a Secret Santa exchange which is stunted by the loud mouths of everyone on the Team who tells everyone who they have, but is loads of fun no less! In the coming days, we are anticipating Christmas Day here at the Inn! The decorations for the chapel are being bought, volunteers are coming all the way from New Hampshire (represent!), and we are opening the door to donation after donation!
Amidst all the insanity, we were challenged this morning at mass to find a bit of peace. As Zechariah was silenced by Gabriel because of the gift of his son, John, we are called to prepare our hearts for the peace and salvation that is coming. It's not easy, but certainly necessary to maintain the integrity of such a beautiful holy-day.
So, in case I don't get to wish you a blessed Christmas, may this special time of year fill your heart with peace and love and may you and your families be abundantly blessed in the coming year!