Friday, July 17, 2009

quick one before bed

I can't write much because I really should be getting my tired behind into bed but I figured I'd quickly update since it's been so astoundingly long since my last post.
So it seems that things DO actually work out. Just as I began to stress about what life post-FVM would entail, a fantastic and exciting job opportunity fell into my lap, housing worked itself out, I managed to buy myself a shiny new car, and have shared more laughs than I could've ever expected.
With just 38.5 hours left until we depart for closing retreat, my reflections for the past two years are far more numerous and indescribable than I can even attempt to articulate in a blog. My heart is both heavier and lighter, my spirit soars and struggles to remain grounded, being further along in my spirituality than I could've ever hoped, I still feel that God has so much more for me to learn. Despite the total upheaval of life that I face, I'm at peace. My entire being rests in the beauty and grace of God and for that I can thank FVM and all that it entails.
My itinerary for the next month or so? Closing retreat (location still unknown), NH, Maine, NH, MA, NY, then back to Philly August 18th for orientation for graduate school. It'll be one of those "Catch-me-if-you-can" kind of months, but I am eager for the rest and comfort that home provides, even if I am busy running around and visiting!
I do honestly hope that I continue to update even beyond my tenure with FVM because I have noticed that, although my readership is not quite vast, it is supportive and interested in my goings-on. Thank you for those of you that have supported and prayed for me in these past two years. My heart, soul, entire being thanks you and only God knows how much it helped me. I can say, though, that I'm certain I would not have felt quite so loved and supported without your help!
I'll hopefully catch you at some point during my travels! Much, much love and peace!