Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Prayer Day!

I welcomed with open arms my prayer day today, as I decided I needed to do something that didn't involve the guests, didn't involve Kensington, and didn't involve anything that I've been experiencing the past month. I took a drive north on 95 to see what I could find and, by mistake, ended up in a Kohl's about 20 minutes outside of the city!
I shopped around (but didn't buy anything, I only have $5 left for the month) and I enjoyed trying clothes on. I also went to a park closer to Kensington, but I laid out in the sun and just enjoyed being outside!
I love Kensington. I love my job. I love the guests. And I love my community. But there are certainly times when I need to bring myself back to what I am comfortable with, do what I did back home, and really be by myself for awhile.
Other than my free day, things have been going pretty much the same around these parts. I got to coordinate yesterday with Renee, a former FVM and current Team member, so I am still trying to learn the ropes, but I have great people supporting me!
We had to call the police the other night because a woman was outside our house screaming for someone to call the cops and there was a man standing over her beating her. Not to worry, we stayed inside so as not to get in the way of anything, but the cops came, the man bolted, and the woman was angry that the cops showed up. Either way, we decided that perhaps by calling the cops we prevented something bad from happening and we can find comfort in that.
Yesterday was a bad day on Kensington as one of our guests, Vito, got hit by a car and is in serious condition at a local hospital, and Tom (who we don't know), died of a drug overdose across the street at The Last Stop, an NA/AA meeting place. Talk about the irony...
Well, that's all for today. I hope your parts of the world are as sunny and beautiful as they are here!

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