Saturday, September 6, 2008

Small man, Big heart

(this photo was taken in Newport, RI on our way back from Opening Retreat!)

As I type, Philadelphia is experiencing more rain than I've seen in the year I've lived here. Hurricane Hanna has struck and is leaving me stranded indoors so I figured what better time to update than on a day when there's nothing else I could be doing?
My community and I have spent the better part of the last week at the Philadelphia Water Ice Company enjoying more water ice than any three people should consume. But we were doing it all in an effort to beat the intense heat we've been having! In the last week, we went for water ice 5 times... not too bad, I say!
We've been quite busy around these parts this week... Monday we celebrated Labor Day by having a picnic and an intense volleyball game at Linden Park just outside of Philadelphia along the Delaware River. Who knew Franciscans would get so excited about playing a simple game?! In addition to volleyball, the sisters played frisbee, I tossed a football with Fr. Patrick, and we ate and ate and ate! Needless to say, I was a bit sore on Tuesday, but it was all in good fun!
Tuesday I got to try my hand at cooking in the kitchen! We made corned beef and cabbage with potatoes and carrots... in sort of a soup/stew form. I know, I don't really like it either but you make do with what you got. We had plenty of food and the meal overall went off without a hitch! Maybe this week they'll trust me to do it all by myself! :-)
After having two days off, during which I got LOTS of things done around the house, I jumped back into the coordinator role for the first time since I've been back! Everyone was well-behaved today and the volunteers that came were amazing so it was a very easy day!
On Wednesday we found out that one of our beloved guests, Darryl, passed away on Sunday. At age 43, his health has been fading drastically in the past year and it finally got the best of him. He had AIDS and emphysema, among many other severe and chronic illnesses that just overtook his tiny body. I was blessed to go to the funeral today with Karen and Fr. Michael. While it was very sad, remembering Darryl's smile and his generosity help me and hopefully his family during this difficult time. So, if you get a chance, please says prayers for Darryl and for his family, I think they could use all they can get!
On a happier note, Amanda, Noe and I participated in our first community fun night together last night! We went to a Camden Riversharks game (a very minor league baseball team across the river). It was Noe's first baseball game and we had a lot of fun singing and dancing to the music! We're really off to a great start here!!!
For those of you who continue to read my blog and send your love and prayers my way, thank you! I couldn't be here without your support!

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