Saturday, January 12, 2008

So my effort to post on my blog has fallen short... I was hopeful that after the holidays things would slow down around here but I have yet to experience a slow-down. And as it appears, there's no end in sight! All good things are coming, but they are things that are keeping me away from my adoring fans (hahaha, that's you).
Let me try to recap the past week and a half for you. In preparation for a site visit from our program director, Katie, we are each having one-on-ones with her. These mostly involve Katie taking us out for food, sometimes two meals, depending on how long we take, and her checking in with us. I had mine last Saturday and it took 4 1/2 hours!!! I was absolutely exhausted afterward and was able to relax at home afterward while Emily had hers. Sunday, a group of students from Siena College (Emily's alma mater) began a week of service at the Inn. They were such a blessing to us all week!!! Sadly, they left us today to return to school!
Between our Fun Night, our community dinner, and our prayer night, each night this week was consumed by community-type activities! Thursday night Father Michael took Emily, Jamie and I to see Sweeney Todd... I'm not sure what you've heard of it, but it's certainly not my typical movie! I actually really enjoyed it! Aside from all the blood and darkness, I thought it was incredibly artistic and oddly beautiful. I would recommend it except I think that most people wouldn't have the stomach to endure all the gore.
Remember back to November when I wrote about going to Beachhaven (down the Jersey shore) to speak at masses with Fr. Michael and Emily?! Well, recently one of the women from the parish called the Inn and asked for Emily or I. She got Emily on the phone and said that she was so inspired from our talks that she wanted us to come talk to her retirement community about how they could get involved with the Inn. We were invited for a "tea" (which I didn't even know was an event until Emily told me) at the woman's house. The tea was yesterday and we showed up to this woman's beautiful home and were met by about 25 women over the age of about 55 who were eager to hear our stories and get involved!
It was absolutely incredible to hear how interested people are in what we're doing!!! We spent about 2 1/2 hours there schmoozing with the ladies and ended up coming back with $615 and a car full of donations!
You see, it is things like this that reinforce how much I LOVE being here! It is the generosity of everyone that inspires me to continue what I do and it is because of their generosity that we are able to do it! I am fulfilled by the guests and benefactors alike, inspired and humbled by both! These women were so loving and accepting and their kind words to us demonstrated their love for others.
I have many stories to update about the Inn but feel like I've rambled on enough for this entry. It is my hope that I'll be able to update again soon, although with the impending wedding (that's right, exactly 2 weeks from today my big brother will be getting married!), the site visit from Katie, and the Team retreat (which is the weekend following Michael's wedding), they may be fewer and farther between. But please continue to send your prayers and love our way! We definitely need them!

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